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What to Expect

As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in a week of:


Experiential learning is a priority. As an individual and team member, you will be given the opportunity to learn about and from the Honduran culture. Your projects might even help you develop a few new skills!


Your week of building, painting, organizing, etc… enables us to improve our facility and quality of care we are able to provide our children. In addition, serving with love is an important legacy we can leave with the world we are blessed to be a part of. Most people come away from their week’s experience certain that they received far more than they gave!


We believe that making a better world begins with our own lives. We value each person’s spiritual journey and encourage time for reflection, journaling and solitude. We appreciated the diversity and richness of each person’s path and seek to be an inclusive community.

A typical day’s work might include:
• Mixing cement
• On site renovation projects
• Expanding our fruit and vegetable garden
• Organizing donations
• Community service projects with the children

In the afternoon you might:
• Lead a craft activity with the children
• Play soccer
• Bake bread with the children
• Read with the children
• Practice your Spanish
• Relax in a hammock

Each evening you will:
• Process the day’s experiences
• Have time to relax
• Learn a little history about the mission and culture
• Have the option to fellowship with the older children and other team members
• Have an opportunity to visit a community “pulperia” (snack bar)

On your day off you might:
• Visit a historical/cultural sight
• Visit a coffee farm
• Tour a cigar factory
• Hike in a national park
• Shop for souvenirs
• Enjoy a typical Honduran meal
• Go zip-lining