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Supporter Newsletter Q3 2016

Supporter Newsletter Q3 2016

As you know, the care that Montana de Luz (MdL) has provided to countless children has changed a lot over the last fifteen years. The children are healthier, hopefully wiser and growing into adults. Their needs have changed and so has the cost to provide this level of care. One purpose of the staff and Board of Directors of MdL is to ensure the organization’s financial stability and the sustainability of our mission for years to come.

As we have a number of times before, we find ourselves in a difficult financial situation. We must increase contributions to support the ever growing needs of our children. For some time, the Executive Director and Board have been discussing various options to assist us in broadening our outreach and financial support. In our August Board meeting, we made the decision that we must bring on a professional, experienced in development and marketing, to help us broaden and increase the donor base. This individual will focus on increasing our service team revenue as well as our overall donations. While we are confident that a skilled individual in fundraising will be a positive addition to the MdL staff, it brings with it some difficult decisions.

In order to afford the development/marketing professional, we have had to restructure the US team and cut our staff expenses. This has resulted in the decrease of work hours for one position as well as the restructuring of the Service Team Director role. We will continue to have a Service Team Leader who will accompany each team, but the leader will be a volunteer position with a stipend and expenses paid by MdL.

We hope you understand that these were very difficult decisions. As many of you know, Ruth DeYoe has been our Service Team Director for over 8 years. She has done an incredible job of leading service teams and ensuring that our supporters have a memorable experience at MdL. We will send you information in the near future as to how we will recognize Ruth’s many contributions to MdL.

Please be assured that the changes we are making are supported by the entire Board in our efforts to continue providing love, care and support for our children.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support for our mission.


Erika Shell-Castro
Executive Director
Montaña de Luz
Kevin Gallagher (on behalf of the Board)
President of the Board
Montaña de Luz