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The cost to raise a child at Montaña de Luz is just under $10,000 annually. Since the children are HIV+ they need specialized care which includes significant support educationally, emotionally, medically and nutritionally. Being one of the many sponsors that provide this life saving care, know that 100% of your donation goes directly to pay these costs.


Your credit card will be
billed $90 quarterly.


Your credit card will be
billed $30 monthly.


Your credit card will be
billed $360 yearly.

A child…pure, innocent…a gift of God. And yet, these children are victims whose very lives are at stake. Without good nutrition, a safe place to live, and proper medical care, they don’t have a chance. But you can change all that. You can become a part of our God’s Gift program!

Your sponsorship will give these children a chance to grow up, to go to school, and to become successful, contributing members of society. You can give them an opportunity they would not have otherwise.

YOU CAN BE A BLESSING TO A VERY SPECIAL CHILD You will receive updates on how your child is doing. You can write letters to your child and one of our bilingual staff will translate them.  If your child is old enough, you will receive drawings and letters from them as well. Through our service trip program, you can actually visit your special child! Spend a week as part of a construction team repairing, painting, or renovating our facilities. You don’t need any special skills. We’ll teach you all you need to know! In the afternoons you can spend time with your child. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact us at (614) 848-8077 or you can write to us at

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