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Scholarship Fund

If you are a parent, you know that we do all we can to prepare our children for the world outside our doors. The reality in Honduras is harsh– unemployment is high, college is often unattainable, and crime and poverty make a normal life difficult to attain.

Our former MdL adults face even bigger barriers– they have medical visits for the rest of their lives, they take anti-retroviral medication twice a day, and they face profound stigma surrounding HIV in Honduras.


The purpose of the MdL Scholarship Fund is to help our youth face this reality and gain a foothold in Honduran society. Any former MdL young adult can ask for help in health, housing, or education. Our Fund Manager will work with our expert in-country team to determine when and how MdL should help.

Our goal is to foster hard work, communication, and independence. Give $30 monthly or through a one-time donation here.

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