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Montaña de Luz is a faith-based organization dedicated to empowering children, youth, and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras.


Our vision is to become the leading provider of family-based, coordinated care resources for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras- dramatically increasing anti-retroviral medication adherence rates, eradicating HIV stigma, and allowing thousands more individuals to live happy, healthy lives. 

Montaña de Luz began as a hospice for children with HIV/AIDS in Honduras whose parents had died or had become too ill to care for them. Located an hour and half to the East of Tegucigalpa on top of a mountain overlooking a valley of small towns and sugar cane fields, the mountain of light is a refuge for children who desperately need the specialized care, nurturing, healing and love provided to them by our committed staff, caregivers, and foster families. Founded in 2000 on an abandoned property, teams came from all over to complete the renovations. In 2001, the first three children arrived at Montaña de Luz, and from then until 2018, we cared for over 65 children. In 2003, we transitioned from being a hospice to being a home thanks to the availability of anti-retroviral medications. Our kids were able to run, play, and go to school like any other child, and we began preparing them for adulthood.

Since 2018, we have served over 50 families across Honduras through our home visiting program.

Care has improved even further since then, and in 2018, we announced our ambitious goal to become the leading family-based, coordinated care provider for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras. We believe that HIV/AIDS should not be a barrier to a child’s right to a family. Montaña de Luz is committed to making a family life possible for each child we serve. Each child, and each family, are different. We provide home visiting family support, foster care, and clinic-based services, with the goal of “meeting families where they are” to keep them together despite HIV/AIDS.

The children we care for range in age from preschool to young adulthood. They come from a wide range of family situations. Children with HIV have special dietary, medical, educational and psychological needs. Many of the children came to us after experiencing extreme poverty, neglect and often time’s abuse– and these barriers are what we work daily to overcome. Your support of this life saving and transformative ministry allows these children to have a chance at a happy, healthy life despite HIV/AIDS.



Only 51% of HIV+ expecting mothers receive appropriate pre-natal treatment.

Only 42% of HIV+ Hondurans are taking life-saving HIV medication.

Only 12% of people ages 15-49 have been tested for HIV.

Poor roads, distances, co-pays & stigma prevent individuals from seeking HIV care.

Children’s Home

Since 2001, MdL has cared for over 65 children. Children and youth have come from all over the country to live at MdL and receive high-quality care and attention. For the past nearly 20 years, MdL has been one of the few homes in Honduras dedicated to caring for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. We currently have 17 youth living at MdL and a few living in foster care homes. 

  • In 2013, we opened an on-site school for our youth with learning differences. Our educational specialist works with them daily to provide one-on-one support and an individualized curriculum. 
  • Additionally, on-site we have a psychologist, social worker, two nurses, and direct caretakers. 
  • Today, the majority of our youth are aged 15-20 and we are focused on helping them transition successfully into adulthood. Following their transition, we provide support and resources to help them secure employment, enter university, or reintegrate with their family.

External Families Program

In 2018, we recognized our responsibility to care for those living with HIV outside of the walls of Montaña de Luz. We began an extensive home visiting program and now serve over 50 families throughout Honduras that are affected by HIV/AIDS. Through referrals from the public hospital, we are able to meet with families in their own homes and determine their immediate needs. We provide transportation to medical appointments, private tutoring, psychological support, and family counseling. It is our goal to preserve the family structure so that children living with HIV can remain with their families.

Charla Luz

Stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS is often times more dangerous than the virus itself. It is our goal to decrease HIV stigma by hosting informational and interactive workshops. Charla Luz began in 2013 and is a youth-led program that travels throughout Honduras to give presentations to various groups on HIV education and prevention. The program explains how HIV is transmitted, what resources are available in Honduras, and how to live a long and healthy life with HIV. Our Charla Luz team has presented to over 3,000 individuals and was recognized at the UNAIDS conference in Geneva, Switzerland in December 2019 for being a youth-led HIV prevention group.