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My Time With Montaña De Luz

My Time With Montaña De Luz

I spent 3 years as an international partner in Guatemala working for Habitat for Humanity. The experience was the hardest, most satisfying, most challenging, most amazing experience of my life.  There is nothing more incredible than having the privilege of serving others, living and learning in another culture, making new friends, making mistakes, experiencing successes and being pushed beyond your comfort zone in every way possible.

While it’s true that you could volunteer for the peace corp it is not for everyone.  Also, it is harder and harder to find volunteer programs that don’t charge the volunteer for the privilege of volunteering!

Montaña de Luz has been blessed with many incredible and committed  Long Term Volunteers over the years and has benefited from their skills and talents.  In the last three years we have hosted 9 volunteers who contributed almost 9,000 hours annually to the project in the way of tutoring, project management, health care etc.  We are fortunate to be a position to be able to offer a stipend, housing and health insurance to our volunteers and recently began construction on a new home for our volunteers who were displaced when we created the transition program for adolescents.

If you speak Spanish, having a willingness to serve, are flexible and enjoy working with a great team and love children we may have a volunteer position for you!