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Mdl has Impacted Me

MdL has Impacted Me

When I tell people what I do for a living they almost always say something along the lines of what a wonderful person I am for doing this work… it makes me so uncomfortable that sometimes I consider telling them I do something else that is much less romanticized like I work in a parking booth!  However, I never miss an opportunity to spread the good news of the mission and miracle that is Montaña de Luz.

The truth is my work is one of the best things that has been a part of my life!  I worked 25 years ago in Guatemala for Habitat for Humanity as an international partner in the highlands helping communities to organize projects to build safe, decent houses for those in need.  My life feels like it truly began there.  Not only did I meet my incredible husband there, I learned Spanish and had the gift of living in another country and culture which was an incredible blessing.

Five years ago two life changing events happened to me.  After many years of infertility and and a broken heart after a failed adoption attempt we found out we were pregnant with our youngest child.  Six short months later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  While I had a career that I built over the last 10 years that was successful and satisfying I often reflected on my work in Latin America and how I had always longed to return in some way.  I saw the posting for the Executive Directors position and the rest is history!

I have found this work to be deeply rewarding on so many levels… the most profound being the opportunity to touch another human beings life, to be a part of the transformation, to see the miracle of God’s grace in the volunteers, staff and supporters who give so selflessly out of love for the children.  I am very humbled in the second half of my life to be blessed to have work that is so meaningful in so many ways!