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Health, Hygiene and Safety

Sanitary standards throughout Honduras are different from North American standards. You may be exposed to different micro-organisms that could cause diarrhea and minor digestive disorder. To remain healthy, it is important that you be aware of the following:
• Water
The water that is provided through the water coolers at Montaña de Luz is filtered and safe to drink. Tap water is safe for bathing, brushing teeth and washing dishes. Hot showers are available.
• Food
Meals will be provided by our Honduran cook. They are very conscientious of safe food handling and storage. We recommend that you do NOT purchase street food on our site seeing day unless your trip director gives the “ok”. When we do eat out, the restaurants chosen will reflect standards of safe food preparation.
• Living Arrangements
All service teams are housed on site in a gated and guarded campus. Dormitory style rooms sleep up to four people. Each room has one set of bunk beds, two additional single beds, a metal shelving unit, a ceiling fan and wall fan. You do not need to bring an outlet converter. Bed linens and towels are provided. You will need to provide your own toiletries (shampoo, soap, washcloth, etc). You will be able to do your own laundry if desired, “Honduran style”. There is a large hand washing laundry area and any one of our children would be happy to show you how its done!
• Safety
Since the beginning, Montaña de Luz has made service/mission team safety its priority. We provide our own drivers, vehicles and now travel with an armed guard to and from the airport and on site seeing days. We live in a gated, guarded community atop a hill that overlooks a village of about 350 people. We do not travel at night, unless it is just down the hill for snacks or to visit our teenage boys’ home in the village. We travel to well known tourist destinations where there is a visible police presence. We ask that all visitors leave expensive jewelry, big cameras and other electronics at home. Your experience will benefit from a simpler, “unplugged” lifestyle while you are in Honduras.
Know that we monitor the state government’s travel advisories on a regular basis and follow their recommendations: