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God’s Gift Program

A child…. pure, these children are …..a gift from God.  And yet these children’s very lives are at stake.  Without proper nutrition and medical care, a safe place to live and a chance for an education, these children are at extreme risk.  But you can help change all of that.

Montana de Luz, means Mountain of Light.  It is a place of hope and love.  We give these children a chance to grow up, to go to school, to laugh, to love.  We give them hope. But we need your help.

Montana de Luz is a mission with sponsorship and support from both secular and non- secular organizations. Our priority is to help these children experience love, and to know without a doubt that they are valued and cherished.

It’s more than just giving money, it is about relationships!

We will send you a photo and information to help you get to know your child. You will receive updates on how they are doing.  You can write letters to your child and they will be translated by our staff.  You can send special cards for birthdays, and holidays.  If your child is old enough, you will receive letters or drawing back from them as well. If you participate on a service team you can spend time with your child.

The cost is just $30 per month- about $1 a day, less than most of us spend on our daily coffee.  You may continue as long as you like, but we ask that you try to commit for at least one year

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