Ruth DeYoe

Ruth began leading mission/service teams for Montaña de Luz in June 2008. Prior to this she had worked for various Presbyterian churches in Kansas, Minnesota, Florida and Ohio as a Director of Christian Education for 27 years, overseeing educational programming for children, youth, and adults. Her educational background includes a BS Degree in Family Life Studies from Montana State University and a Masters in Religious Education from Princeton Theological Seminary. In her tenure as a D.C.E., Ruth organized and led mission teams in a short term mission experience, both in the US and abroad, for youth and young adults.

After participating in a church sponsored mission trip to Montaña de Luz earlier in 2008, Ruth sought out ways to be an advocate for MdL, initially through volunteer work, which then led to her current position as Service Team Director. Ruth brings her educational, inclusive, compassionate, organized, creative and fun loving spirit to her work with MdL and the mission/service trips she leads.