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Honduras is the 2nd most improverished country in the western hemisphere

60% of people living with HIV/AIDS in Central America are in Honduras


65+ children affected by HIV/AIDS have made strides physically, emotionally, and spiritually at MDL


MdL is a mission that encourages you to be more than a sponsor, more than a fundraiser. This mission invites you into its heart and soul. My experience as a service team member has changed my life. The success of this mission is seen in the strength of the staff and children on the Mountain of Light.

Lynn, Donor

Serving on the Board of MdL has been an absolute privilege. It is impossible to not be touched deeply by these children and not want to give back in a small way. I hope providing insight gained from other organizations and orphanages in which I’ve been involved contributes to the continued growth and development of the children and organization.

Mark, Board Member

Not a lot of places where you can see God at work each and every day. You see it every day at MdL.

Cap, Donor

I love that MdL has gone from a place for the dying to a home for the living! I also think it’s amazing that a group of loving Americans made 30+ Honduran children THEIR children because it was the right thing to do, and have continued to make great sacrifices to raise and love these children despite tremendous odds.

Susan, Donor

MdL is truly a Mountain of Light. The trauma these children and youth have faced is horrific. However with love, nourishment, and support, they are joyful, loving, and caring. Aren’t these basic human rights that we all are entitled to? I leave a piece of my heart with them every time I go and when I am not there, I hope my support helps!

Diana, Donor

For me the mission is all about people and relationships. From the excellent and caring leadership of the directors, to the office staff in the US and Honduras, the Long Term Volunteers, the Tias and Tios that love the children as their own, to the children that are so accepting and loving to service teams and each other. I have been on trips where I have known everyone on the team and on trips where I knew no one prior to going and the relationships I have gained through those are priceless. Having the ability to volunteer here as well, just keeps that “light” going between trips.

Lynne, Donor

The first time I visited I made a connection. At that point, I felt a responsibility to continue the connection. I am a mother myself and can understand the importance of people in your life no matter what. After my 4th or 5th visit, one of the teens approached me and asked “So does this mean you are a regular?” I said “yes”. I would be here for them for the long haul because they matter.

Kerri, Donor

During our first family trip in 2007, the children and the entire project captured our hearts and we committed ourselves to helping improve the lives of these 30 kids! The commitment has given our entire family far more than we have given. I plan to stay involved for life!

Jane, Donor

I serve on the board to contribute whatever skills and resources that I can offer to help these beautiful children attain their goals and reach their potential.

Eric, Board Member

I support MdL because the kids are so special and grateful. After meeting them, I wanted to be able to help in some way.

Caitlin, Donor

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