Birthday: 3/23/2001

Birthday: 3/23/2001

Arrived at Montaña de Luz when she was just 8 months old. She is enrolled in our homeschool program. She enjoys working in the kitchen, always enthusiastically welcomes everyone upon their return to the Mountain of Light and readily offers hugs to all!

Birthday: 1/24/2007

This active young boy arrived at Montaña de Luz when he was 20 months old along with his older brother. He attends school in our local community with most of our other children. You can usually find him running or riding his bike!

Birthday: 11/21/2008

Our youngest boy came to live at Montaña de Luz when his mother passed away. He loves to run and play with the other kids and can ride his bike with no training wheels now!

Birthday: 4/17/2003

This beautiful young girl arrived at Montaña de Luz at just 5 months old and has grown up on the Mountain of Light. Her favorite subject is Spanish in school and while school is hard for her, she loves to learn!

Birthday: 10/29/2004

This sweet girl loves everything princesses! She loves to give and receive hugs and her hugs are worth traveling to Honduras for!

Birthday: 11/23/2003

This darling little lady inspires everyone she meets with her sweet smile! She is faced with the challenge of having Cerebral Palsy and relying on a wheelchair to be mobile, but this does not hold her back! Oh yeah- she loves the color pink!

Birthday 7/1/2009

Our youngest girl arrived at Montaña de Luz as a baby after living her early life in a crib with little interaction. However, with the care and love provided her at MdL she is now thriving and entered Kindergarten this year!