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Welcome to Montaña de Luz!!

Our mission as volunteers is to build a better reality for children in Honduras who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. We are a faith based organization and believe that every person has the right to live with dignity and respect. At Montaña de Luz we provide comprehensive care for our children which includes education, medical care, and emotional and spiritual support.



From Hospice to Hope…

Montaña de Luz began as a place of rescue and hope for children living with HIV/AIDS, at the top of a small mountain in south central Honduras.  In 2001, it welcomed its first child, and by 2010 it had grown to be a home for 35 children of all ages, complete with clean living quarters, purified water, proper medical care, loving staff, educational support and a nurturing family atmosphere.
But today it is much more! 
Montaña de Luz is striving to be a self-sustaining environment for children and families both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras.  It is a visible presence in the surrounding communities where it first began, providing employment, improved educational opportunities and access to health and medical services. Its mission continues to resond to the needs of its own children and families, assisting them with the resources needed to live as fully possible and to allow them to contribute to their own culture.  
Montaña de Luz is a faith-based mission responding to the hopes and dreams of those affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras.


The Voices of Montaña de Luz

Recently, volunteers joined with the children of Montaña de Luz to create a four song EP of our children singing. Every one had a great time putting together the CD, and now you can enjoy the music as well! At this link you can listen and/or download the songs. Listening is free, and a download of all four songs is a donation – directly to MdL – of $8 or more, you decide how much to give! Hear the sweet voices of the children of MdL, and enjoy!



If you are interested in supporting Montaña de Luz, please visit our page with information on Sponsoring a Child or take a look at our Needs List for donations.






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